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Palm Beach Harbor Pilots
200 E. 13th St. Suite B
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Draft in feet (minimum charge 13 feet) - $16.00

Gross Tonnage (minimum 2500 tons) - $0.034

For barges or for vessels without power or steering the above rates will apply.

Docking/Undocking - $150 for vessels 10,000 GRT and greater.

Shifting - $250.00 for shifts of vessels under 10,000 GRT, $400.00 for shifts of vessels 10,000 GRT or greater.

Detention, cancellation after pilot dispatched - $150.

Delivering orders/papers to vessel - $300.

Pilot Boat running lines, or Boat Operator handling lines - $500

Transporting personnel on/off vessel - $500.

Pilot Anchoring vessel off reef - $600.

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